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Technical Requirements
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The technical requirements on this page are intended to set expectations in advance of producing a Circus Contraption show.

These requirements assume a full-blown Circus Contraption show. If you're hiring just a portion of the troupe for a "suitcase show," not all items will be applicable.

Stage Size

We need a stage space or orchestra pit of approximately 100 square feet for our circus band, and a remaining stage or playing space of approximately 150 square feet for our jugglers and acrobats.


Circus Contraption has a freestanding aerial rig, ideal for outdoor venues, which is 20 feet square and 20 feet high. Indoor venues will need to be examined on a case-by-case basis by our riggers. Exposed beams bode well for rigging potential. Sufficiently-sized indoor venues may be able to accommodate our freestanding rig, as well.

Our aerial work requires a ceiling height of at least 20 feet. The absolute minimum for custom-curtailed aerial routines is 16 feet.


We can bring and install our own minimal lighting setup. For theater shows, contact our Technical Director for a lighting plot.

Our show usually requires a complete blackout. Windows should be covered for daytime shows. Exit lights and control board lamps are just fine!

The Band

The Circus Contraption band is a beast unto itself. A stage plot (in PDF format) is available. If necessary, we can provide a minimal sound system.


No flash photography during our shows, please. Flash during walkaround entertainment is just fine, but use a modicum of discretion with jugglers and acrobats in dangerous-looking poses!

No commercial use: photos for your archives or bulletin board are great, and we love to see our name in the press. But images of Circus Contraption may not be sold or appear in advertising without our written permission (unless, of course, the advertising is directly related to a Contraption appearance).

If you have a photographer documenting your event, we'd love to get dupes if you could make a second or third set.

Green Room

The backstage area and/or dressing room should be large enough to accommodate 12-15 performers.

If you're providing beverages backstage (sure to make the clowns smile), the selection should be weighted more toward juices and sparkling water than toward colas.


If we're doing a multiple date run, we need on-site storage equivalent to an 10-foot cube.


If you wish us to perform fire, we expect you to arrange all the applicable permits. Our performers are experienced, and our practices are safe. We do not have a certified pyrotechnician on staff, but that should not be required for the fire work we perform. We will be happy to meet with Fire Department officials on the day of show, or answer their questions via phone or email.


Door: If the event involves ticketing, please provide at least one front-of-house volunteer (to be paired with one Contraptioneer) for ticket sales. We provide advance reservations capability via our website.

Hype: By default, we display a publicity suitcase, which permits audience members to take a flier or card and sign our mailing list. Let us know if you feel this is inappropriate for your event, and we'll be happy to stash it backstage.

Merch: As a nonprofit, we also depend on revenue from merchandise sales. Let us know if it would be appropriate to sell CDs, postcards and T-shirts at your event. By default, we do NOT sell merchandise at private functions.

We're flexible

We've contorted ourselves into many situations. If we're forewarned, we can work with most any restrictions or constrictions.

Thanks for booking Circus Contraption!


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