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The SHOW to End All SHOWS
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January 29, 2009

For Immediate Release:

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~~Back by Popular Demand:~~

Circus Contraption's
The SHOW to End All SHOWS




Circus Contraption, Seattle's premier one-ring traveling circus, triumphantly opens its second decade with the return of 2008's fabulously successful and acclaimed The SHOW to End All SHOWS at Theo Chocolate in Fremont. A departure from Circus Contraption's usual turn-of-the-century fare (A Raree Show, Gallimaufry, The Grand American Traveling Dime Museum), The SHOW to End All SHOWS imagines a family-owned circus with all the glamour and glitz of the 70's and 80's. The time, however, is now, or even slightly in the future, and the glamour shows signs of decay. A sense of imminent destruction looms as things begin to go awry under the tent. The Ringmaster (a Jim Jones-style patriarch) insists upon the willful denial of their world's demise, not only by his progeny but by the audience.


This joyful romp to oblivion draws inspiration from the circuses of excess in those decades of decadence, and features "traditional" circus acts such as ball-balancing seals, aerial mermaids, and pink poodles, all reimagined by their human counterparts in Circus Contraption and scored by the incredible Circus Contraption Band ("A lurid hurdy-gurdy hybrid of Fellini soundtracks and Tom Waits"The Stranger). Their latest twisted take on Americana also tells the story of the show that must go on—despite all evidence that the show, maybe even the world, will be extinguished before the closing act.


For 11 years, Circus Contraption has been at the forefront of the modern circus movement. After six years at Sand Point Magnuson Park, Circus Contraption returned to its birthplace, Fremont, to transform the old Red Hook Brewery warehouse (the south end of Theo Chocolate) into Seattle's own alternative big top. And for the first time in TSTEAS, Circus Contraption collaborated with a team of top-flight theater professionals: director Erin Brindley (a New York import who received "Most Memorable Production of 2004" honors from Backstage for her collaboratively developed production Innocent When You Dream), scenic designer Jennifer Zeyl (winner of The Stranger Genius Award for theater in 2006), lighting designer Ben Zamora, and costume designer Christine Tschirgi.



~~What They Said:~~

"Old-school circus champagne on a beer budget. . . It's in the second act that we are reminded of what, once light shines on the darker recesses, often scuttles out. . . The band blasts its own jazz epitaph like a defiant shriek. . . Circus Contraption manages to turn decline into its own artistic ascent.

They rejoice in decay, and so do we."—Gianni Truzzi, Seattle Post-Intelligencer


"A fantastic and demented evening of entertainment. . . the show delivers on its promise of giddy joy. The dynamic Circus Contraption band has never sounded better."—Frank Paiva, Seattle Weekly


"Circus Contraption ditched its traditional cirque noir aesthetic for something brighter, but no less sinister. . . a dark, shambling grace that epitomizes Circus Contraption at its best." —Brendan Kiley, The Stranger



The SHOW to End All SHOWS:


Theo Chocolate

3400 Phinney Avenue North

Seattle, WA 98103


Opens Friday, February 27, 2009

Runs through Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fridays and Saturdays, 8pm,  21+;  Sunday, 7pm, All Ages (Mature Content)

Tickets $25, ($20 for Seniors and under 25)

"A bracing curative for the affliction of our times"



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