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The images below are for solely for hyping our most recent show, The SHOW to End ALL SHOWS. Photos from past productions are available in our Photo Archive, but we ask that you please use the current photos if you are publicizing the new show. Thank you!

If you have any additional questions, please contact our managing director, Erin Brindley, at or 206-380-7290.

"The SHOW to End All SHOWS"
   Circus Contraption's Pink Poodles with their trainer, Fresco Rose. Pictured (clockwise from left): Sally Pepper, Poppy Daze, Pinky d'Ambrosia, Fresco Rose.
Photo: John Cornicello.

contraption_0402.jpg    JPEG, 2574x2218 pixels
contraption_0402_sm.jpg    JPEG, 400x345 pixels
   Pinky d'Ambrosia with her horse, Moonbeam.
Photo: John Cornicello.

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contraption_0309_sm.jpg    JPEG, 327x400 pixels
   Shmootzi the Clod, sword swallower extraordinaire.
Photo: John Cornicello.

contraption_0463.jpg    JPEG, 1708x1020 pixels
contraption_0463_sm.jpg    JPEG, 400x239 pixels
   Sally Pepper dazzles the crowd on her Cloud Swing.
Photo: John Cornicello.

contraption_0230.jpg    JPEG, 2224x3736 pixels
contraption_0230_sm.jpg    JPEG, 238x400 pixels
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These photographs may be used for press reviews of Circus Contraption or the artists pictured therein, or for promotional advertising of Circus Contraption shows. Captions may be edited, but "Circus Contraption" must always appear in the caption. The photos should always be credited to the appropriate photographer. Individual performers need not be identified. Circus Contraption reserves the right to deny use of its image(s) to anyone at any time.

Now that you've dutifully jumped through the hoops, enjoy!


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