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The midway experience

Circus Contraption extends the circus experience to intermission (and beyond!) with our delightful carnival games. Step right up, and try your luck with these amusements:

Booking our carnival games?

Musicians are available to provide roving acoustic ambiance, or we can pipe in pre-recorded calliope tunes.

We have roving circus characters to welcome, astound, antagonize, entertain and play with your patrons.

Ask about our our circus-style popcorn popper if you want munchies for the masses. And, of course, the midway games themselves are a treat...

The skinny on the games
The Amazing Alfredo

He can guess your weight! He can guess your month of birth! And if he can't, you get to look up his kilt!

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Buy a Politician

Toss your soft-money beanbags into our politician's pocket (or through the hole in his head) and you win big!

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Cock Ringer

Our ring-toss puts all others to shame. You've got three shots at the extra-long dildo protruding from our carnival hawker's trenchcoat.

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The Juggling Jukebox

Man or machine? Upon insertion of a game token, James Jay's Juggling Jukebox™ performs a mechanical juggling routine with 3-7 balls.

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Penny Pockets

Everyone's a winner! Pick a pocket, any pocket, to see what you've won.

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Three-Card Monte

Keep your eye on your card as our shifty dealer shuffles the three cards around on his box. A shell game without the shell. Harder than you'd think.

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