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Is your show appropriate for children?

It depends.

The vast bulk of our material is created for adults. The vast bulk of the aforementioned vast bulk is also accessible to children.

Unless a show is advertised as not for children, or is taking place in a venue where one wouldn't expect to find little tykes hanging out, it's safe to bring your kids along. Some of the material will sail over their heads, but they're sure to delight in the sensory overload of the circus.

Our current production, The SHOW to End All SHOWS, contains some mature content and is not recommended for children 12 and under.

Are the all-ages shows different from the 21-and-over shows?

In our current run of The SHOW to End All SHOWS, the show content is the same at all performances. On 21-and-over nights, we restrict admission so that we can allow alcohol throughout the theater. At all-ages Sunday shows, all ages are allowed inside, but alcohol is restricted to our bar area. So you can see the same show on all-ages nights, but you just can't take beer to your seats!

This also means that all-ages shows contain some adult content and are not recommended for children 12 and under.

Do you teach lessons?

Many of our performers also teach, both private and group lessons. For details, check the bottom of our Events page.

Do you use animals?

We exploit only homo sapiens.

We do, however, have a complete animal rights policy which we hope will delight both animal rights activists and circus animal advocates.


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